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Minster Alpine is a digital magazine that focuses on sharing information to help travellers from all across the world to have a better travel experience. We write articles with advice for destinations, travel agents, entertainment options and a wide range of other related topics.

Our magazine was founded by Samuel Andrews, who is a medical record coder with a side passion for traveling and learning about other cultures. He has travelled to many countries all over the world and likes to share his experiences with friends and strangers alike. In fact, this is where the inspiration for this magazine came from.

We are all travel friends of Samuel and were keen on joining in his project, each of us with our own perspective of what’s important for a successful and fun travel experience. Some of us have families that come with on trips and some of us are single and love backpacking our way through exotic destinations.

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Our variety of tastes and needs when it comes to taking a trip shines through in our articles, where we have learnt to explain our tips and recommendations in fun and interesting ways. Additionally, after Minster Alpine went live, we started receiving a lot of feedback from readers who made different requests and added suggestions to our articles.

Growing with our readers like that has helped us grow our reader-base and reach wider targets, including families, couples, tourists and businesspeople alike. We have managed to write articles that are useful for everybody and have earned us a good reputation as a digital magazine. We continue to expand and add new articles constantly, evolving both with our own experiences and those that fellow travellers share with us. Our traveling friends’ group is also growing with every trip and we keep leveraging the travel stories we hear from everybody to create new entertaining content for Minster Alpine.